Broken Down


It’s really sad to see how people change
also to see how much they can hurt you and  their range,
It’s really sad to see that you have no importance in anyone’s life
you feel like cutting your hand with a knife,

Is there no one who can understand me?
Or is their a big lock without a key?
Will I ever be happy?
Or will always be a suffering sea?

Till today people come in my life and go,
as if my heart’s a football with which they play and throw,
They love to mess with it,
they kick, squeeze and hit.

But that’s my bloody heart which is now in a very bad condition.
It consists of only hatred , betrayal and of course frustration.

If I am a tension to you leave me ,
but at least don’t pretend you love me,
If you hate me ask me to go ,
at least don’t play or throw.

I don’t know whether I’ll
ever be happy or not
but the only thing that will
satisfy me is that at least I FOUGHT.


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