Hopes Never Die


Isn’t it easy to pretend
To fake a smile and start again
To make people around feel good 
even though inside you’re still a broken wood .

Isn’t it easy to pretend rather than telling others that you’re sad.
Rather than making them understand things
like you can’t fly as you’ve lost your wings.

Isn’t it easy to move on 
when people leave you in the crowd and ask you to go on.
When people ditch you so bad
You cry so much ,you can’t even stand.

Isn’t it easy to move on
when your mind always keep thinking about things which are gone. 
When you’re so broken inside
that you always imagine how long do you have to ride?

I wish all this was easy
I wish I could shine again like a daisy 
I wish I could have moved on
and finally sing happy songs.

But seems like my wishes are never gonna get fulfilled 
Sadness with always be one of those things I’ll hold.
Seems like things are never gonna get better 
I am always gonna wear a sadness sweater. 
The word moving on will always  make my tears drop. 
And I’ll always keep thinking when will my heart beat stop.

But I can’t quit,I’ve been strong for so long.
Leaving everything now would be wrong.
I’ll have to stand again,
And feel the pain 
as I am still left with a hope .
That I’ll cut the depressing rope 
and set myself free from every memory
And would never be searching for a remedy.

Till that time I’ll have to wait. 
Even if it takes too long ,
even if things are not going great.
Because the day I’ll get over the things which went wrong,
I’ll definitely look back and proudly call myself STRONG.


12 thoughts on “Hopes Never Die”


    people find themselves being successful when we express them that ‘our wings are broken’. So why not let them enjoy this feeling of us being broken for ever ? But yes, keep moving with a hope that ‘some day will be our day’ and till then we have to keep going, and keep that hope living inside us.

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