A girl with a cute little face
Full of grace
A smile so beautiful that you can never even imagine it was fake.
She never let anyone know how easily she  could break.

A girl with a beautiful heart.
Who always made people around laugh
The one who did all stupid things .
That includes flying with fake wings.

Yess that girl.
She finally took of the mask
She finally cried and others could see the empty flask
She finally dropped the fake laughing cover she wore
And finally closed the open door.

She cried for hours and hours .
Others could easily see her scars
She cried to take all her frustration out
She was tired of searching things which could never be found.

She was quite the next day
She didn’t laugh or smile the same way.
She was only and only staring the sun rays.

While she was sad most of the people around were like
“Why the hell is she so sensitive”
“She doesn’t know how to live”
“She’s doing this for sympathy”
When all she required was empathy.

Wow! Isn’t it great ?
Not at all feeling the pain.
Doesn’t it makes you cooler?
Calling someone a sympathy seeker

People, please open your eyes.
‌Because its high time
Judging others won’t make you smart.
You need to have a lovely heart.

If you can’t make others life better.
You don’t have to wear a judging sweater.
If you can’t make them feel good.
You don’t have to make them feel like a broken wood.

Stop making others suffer more.
Instead try and be their shore.
Stop making them regret things like hell.
Instead make them smile and feel well.

Don’t judge them or make them feel bad .
Don’t remind them of things they’ve had.
Because if you be good in their bad time
When your turn comes.
They’ll be your sunshine.

This NEW YEAR don’t waste your time in judging people
Just water the petal.
Think about others for a while.
And one thing common in yourself you’ll always find.
And that is an everlasting smile .


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