You wanted everything good
You preferred everything good
You were upfront
But you did lie
You lied that you’ll take me and fly .
You flew
But alone
Without even looking back at your phone
I called a thousand times
But every call ended with a switched off rhyme .

You were smart
Very smart
You very well knew the ditching art.
You left me in the middle of the road
And left me and my feelings to explode.
I cried
I cried a lot
You would do this to me I never thought.

You were intelligent
Just after plucking a flower you went
You didn’t even see the way it bleed
It bled a lot .
And took a very long time to clot .

But you know the best part?
You didn’t even care.
You had no fear
You had no fear about the fact that you are hurting someone so bad
You crossed my way a number of times after that
But there wasn’t any guilt
There was no guilt
You broke the trust I built

You said sorry many times after a month or so
And even I choose to go with the flow
So I forgive you
But deep inside my heart I didn’t forgive you at all
Because it is never easy to forgive someone who treated you like a football .

You were clever
You knew if you cut my wings
I’ll never fly ever
So you did the same again
You tried giving me some more pain
But sadly, you failed
Because I had nothing to lose this time
I didn’t expect anything to rhyme .

I smiled when you thought I’d cry
My eyes were no longer wet but dry .
I laughed when you thought I’ll get hurt
As I had nothing left for you inside my heart except dust.

You thought I’d never fly without my wings
But guess what ?
I  flew again
Despite a little pain,
Without your energy drink
Just to tell you  that I am stronger than you think.


58 thoughts on “Survivor”

  1. Such a powerful post. So much emotion.

    It’s so hard when we encounter such cruel people. To call them human would be grossly inaccurate. But then I’ve seen animals which are more humane. Evil, just evil!!!

    Glad she found the strength to rise above it all. Being a survivor is the best revenge!

    Hugs. 🌷

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It is hard feeling violated, used, discarded, cheap, etc, because of what someone like that does. I’m so glad that you realized that no matter what others can do and their ungodly way of treating others, your worth cannot be taken away or diminished. Hugs~

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Powerful words. I lived this lie of not feeling pain for most of my life. It’s a dead end road. You must feel to live and living without care will hurt you far worse then it will him. I hurt for you -as I know how it will go.

    Liked by 1 person

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