Dark Amour 

“you need to go” she said 
When her face was red ,
Her feelings were something she didn’t wanted him to know ,
Because she knew it wouldn’t let him go 
She pretended to be strong,
When inside everything was wrong ,
Every passing second she wished she could stop him ,
Every passing minute the light of hope was getting dim .

“I’ll be okay ,
Without you I’ll be able to stay ” 
Were her next words ,
Knowing that this isn’t the reality,
As his love was her only remedy,
Knowing that with fear she’ll have to live everyday,
With thoughts like 
“What if he never comes this way ?” 
“Is he okay ?”  
“What if today is his last day ? ” 
“Why is he away ? ” 

“You’ll be fine without me ” he replied 
Hiding the fact that he already cried.
He very well knew she is lying,
But he had no other option except going ,
He knew she’s taking efforts to keep him strong,
But he also  knew her efforts are not gonna last long ,
Like her ,he himself didn’t know he’s gonna come back or not ,
Things are gonna be fine or not .
He was scared if this was the last time he was seeing her ,
But he couldn’t show his fear to her .
To give her strength he said these words
To give her hope he said these words.

“Take Care ” she said 
When a number of things she wanted to say ,
When every step of his made her feel he’s going away ,
When every nerve of her wanted him to stay ,
But somehow kept quite hiding the rays

“Stay strong” replied the lover ,
Wearing a fake cover .

Those 10 minutes passed very soon ,
The darkness entered the world of the two ,
Waiting for the moon .

He went expecting to see her again ,
She lived to see him again .

Everyday she wished for his safety ,
Everyday he wished for her safety ,
Their souls were connected such ,
All of his pain  was felt by her .

Somehow in the guy’s priority list ,
She was in the second,
And she very well knew about it ,
She was scared about it too ,
But she thought of colouring the black with blue .

Staying away from him for a year ,
She got a call ,
And heard something she never wanted to hear .
“Mam your husband is no more ,
The army officer died saving the country and more ” 
Came the voice from the phone .

Tears rolled down her eyes ,
With no hope to be fine 
Her fears came true ,
And the thought came back to be black in place of blue .

Every nerve of her felt the pain to infinity, 
Her mind wasn’t in the state of clarity ,
Flashbacks entered like anything,
And she kept crying looking at the ring .

She couldn’t handle herself seeing the dead soul ,
Her heart fell in a big hole ,
She was wishing if she could get those 10 minutes back ,
The talk they had .

” I lied ,
I lied that without you I’ll be okay ,
I’ll be able to stay ,
I can’t live without you for even a second,
Your end is my end ,
I wanted to say so much that day ,
The time was perfect,
The place was perfect,
You were perfect ,
But a thing I didn’t say ,
I thought you’ll go weak ,
But I didn’t know it was your last day ,
You’re my hero ,
You died doing something,for someone you loved the most ,
I am so proud of you ,
But living without you is something which scares even my ghost ,
I can’t live without you .
I’ve lost the strength I had ,
The power I had ,
The hope I had .

My wounds are never going to heal ,
I’ll always wish to reverse the wheel ,
I am going to  die every single day ,
But still there will be a hope inside me to see you someday .” 
She said with a heart filled with pain .

“You’ll be fine without me” on a piece of paper came the reply ,
Written by the lover who died.

89 thoughts on “Dark Amour ”

  1. Beautiful but sad story… one that should never be … but unfortunately in this illusive world one that is told far too ofter , even once is one too many. I hope it’s just a story and not reality?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. No it’s just a story . But I know many can relate to it so I wrote it . We’ve all lost some one or other, so I think this was the best way to make them feel that they are not the only one going through this .

      Liked by 1 person

  2. wow. This is so beautiful. Usually long poetry don’t catch my attention but this was so touchy, it gripped me till the end. And yes, its so beautifully portrayed that I read 3 times. plus I can relate to that as well because my father is an Army officer. Anyways, looking forward to more of your work. keep up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you taking time to visit my blog page and have a follow. I appreciate the support and look forward to reading more writings from you.



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