It’s home, it’s home.

“She’s not the most anything girl in the world.
She’s isn’t. She can’t be. She doesn’t aspire to be.”
This 💜
How i wish i could write such :’)

Inconveniently Balanced


She’s not someone you see in your dreams or someone you wish goodnight before having a sound sleep.

She’ll not tell you that you look attractive on days when you’ve worn something you thought would attract her, or ‘sexy’ when you shove your hands into your hair. You’ll never have her mutter something like that.

Instead, you’ll witness her face coming close to yours, the mouth slowly reaching the ears, whispering, “you could star in a movie”.
She doesn’t know the tricks, the traps, to make guys fall in love, even if transient.
On a rainy day, when it’s cold and you’re wearing a jacket and she’s not, and you take it off and offer her to cover herself with it, thinking that maybe it would suffice the needs of that moment to be romantic, she’ll do the opposite yet again.
She’ll smile and refuse and tell you how…

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