The Secret Of Happiness

A smile was always present on her face , 
She was living her life on her own pace , 
She knew how to handle herself, 
And never required any help .

She believed that a chocolate makes everything fine .
She had a kiddish brain, 
But she knew how to shine .
Nobody around her was ever sad , 
Despite anything bad.

She used to laugh at every single thing .
Without even thinking of the timings .
Her life was perfect in the eyes of other,
For them she was a happy feather,
Attached with the wings of dreams , 
Away from the negative beams .

Diamonds were her cost , 
Beautiful she was.
She was always there for everybody when they needed her , 
Despite the hole in her own feather.

But whenever she turned back ,
All she could see was dust and sand .
All this was not very good for her , 
The difference between them and her.

She still chose to smile everytime,
And ate her chocolate to make things fine .
Spreading happiness was her favourite thing ,
Her presence made the season change to spring.
Happiness everywhere ,
No sad faces anywhere.

She always had a diary in her hand,
Along with a pen and a band ,
She never let anybody touch these things ,
They were more precious to her than anything.

But one day she left her diary on her table ,
Her friend open it then ,
To know all the secrets of being stable .

The diary opened with a picture of her with someone like her .
She never talked about her
as if the connections were over.
There were a number of things written on the next few pages,
In different languages.

A lot many things were drawn ,
And a few pages were torn.
But the last page was little clear,
It was probably one page she couldn’t tear .

A poem was written there in her handwriting.
Which her friend began reading.

‘ They say I am a beautiful person,
They say I am there sun,
They say I am the best person alive,
Still when I look back I find myself away from every life.

They say they’ll be with me forever,
But I don’t know why forever ends this soon and lasts never.

You said that a chocolate makes everything fine ,
But I don’t know why it isn’t working this time .
Why don’t I feel better ?
Till when will I wear this sadness sweater ? 

But why am I even asking you this ? 
You hid so much from me ,
You left me as well ,
In the world who doesn’t treat me well.

But I did even worse,
I left you at your worst ,
To see me shine ,
You drank the bad wine ,
You lied to me that you were doing fine ,
And when I came back ,
I couldn’t even see you dying.

You closed  your eyes before I could reach you ,
And within seconds my life turned black from blue.
But you know the worst part you did not even let me cry ,
You left me a chocolate ,
A card and your diary but you forgot saying good bye .

The card is still with me .
And I am writing all this in your diary ,
It reminds me of you ,
And I always feel that everything I write in this will directly reach you .

I miss you a lot ,
You were the only one I had ,
Here people treat me bad .
But I want you to know that I am keeping the promise I made .
No matter how heavy is the weight,
My heart still wishes to see you someday ,
And dies to feel your ray “

There was also a card attached in the same page ,
Things written on it was with different handwriting, 

“Forgive me for hiding everything ,
But I never wanted to see you getting weak because of anything ,
Believe me it was hard for me too ,
As I always loved you ,
We’ll now meet in the heaven or in my next birth ,
But till then you’ve to stay safe on earth ,
I am sure you’ll be fine ,
And even if you’re not the chocolates will help you survive ,
You need to know that I can’t see you sad ,
So don’t let this affect you in a bad way ,
Promise me that your smile will never fade ,
No matter how bad is the phase ,
Promise me you’ll smile every time you’re not happy ,
And laugh every time you want to cry ,
I know its difficult but I also know you’ll try .”

And in the corner there was a smilely sticked with a glue ,

In which It was written  ‘mamma loves you’.
All this was hard to believe ,
How she lost her only leaf .
How a girl who smiled everyday ,
Who laughed at every day
Was never actually happy ,
How a smile had a completely opposite story .

The next day she entered with a usual smile on her face ,And started with her hobby of spreading the rays ,

She then saw a gift lying on her table ,
Without any label ,
It was a picture of her mother ,
With a paper saying ” Sometimes rain also brings good weather ” 
This brought tears in her eyes ,
And when finally a tear dropped ,
Everybody could see that how happy she was ,
And also how that how beautifully she fought.


26 thoughts on “The Secret Of Happiness”

  1. This is so heart touching. Really fantastic creation. Let me tell you one thing,this type of creation directly comes from heart. Also giving and consistently maintaining such fake smile is not easy. It requires a lot of courage to do so.
    Very nice work. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 3 people

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