The were perfect for eachother.
They could do wonders together ,
The amount of love was never small ,
They were best friends after all .

She was the first one to know everything about him .
And he was the only one who had seen her tears when the light was dim .
They were always there for eachother ,
No matter how bad was the weather .

He was an amazing singer ,
And she was his adviser ,
she always used to motivate him ,
To write more songs and sing .

To become a popular singer was his dream ,
To see him as a popular singer was her dream .
She did everything to make him achieve his target ,
And then one day their efforts were appreciated .
And he was finally seen on the red carpet .

His life completely changed ,
From unorganized to little arranged
He started enjoying the lime light .
But started forgetting the one who made him shine bright .

She used to message him everyday ,
But the reply was always late ,
And sometimes used to come on the other day .
She was still fine with everything ,
Without complaints she used to handle everything .

He made thousands of new friends ,
While she was still stuck on one ,
He now had more important people ,
Where as she had only one .

She used to ask him to meet ,
But most of the time he used to cheat ,
The rest of the time , he was extremely late ,
But still without saying anything she used to wait .

She lost all the importance she had ,
And she was extremely dissapointed about that .
She was no more the first person to know everything about his friend ,
As if everything has come to an end .

She had a lots of stuff to share ,
But there was no one to hear.

She wanted to shout on him and scream ,
But her energy lacked
As she knew he won’t come back .

And after a few days ,
All the messages were seen ,
But had no reply ,
To see him once became her dream,
And she could do nothing about it , but cry .

She knew he has forgotten her ,
She knew over her something else he would prefer .
She had no hopes from him now ,
But still messaged him somehow .

She wanted to tell him something ,
And it was more important that anything .
She asked him to meet ,
And asked him to not cheat .

But again her message was left seen ,
But this time she didn’t find it mean .
She knew he is gonna realize stuff soon
And she wished to see the moon .

The next day he got a call ,
It was from her,
He picked it up but there was no voice at all .
This worried him a little ,
He asked her to reply .
But all he could hear was the wor hospital .

He left every of his work and ran towards the hospital .
But the traffic made his efforts go vain .
He knew he’ll get late again .
The time in the car reminded him of everything she did for him ,
Every pain she felt because of him .

His eyes were teary ,
Every second he was getting hit by the anxiety .
Each minute he was regretting his fate
But all he could do was wait .

He finally reached then ,
His legs were shivering and he had no hopes left .
He wanted to see her once ,
But the door was closed ,
He wanted to talk to her once,
But his words froze .

With shivering hands and a heavy heart he opened the door ,
His eyes couldn’t see up the floor .
As her body was kept there without any soul .
He lost her .

He fell down and started to cry ,
His wings were cut so bad that he couldn’t even fly .
His mind was filled with regrets , and flashbacks ,
His heart was now filled with cracks .
He knew this was karma ,
And also that she wanted to tell him about her carcinoma .
But he didn’t give her a chance to do so .
And now he had no strength to glow .

He opened his phone to see her last message then ,
It was written ” Don’t forget me this time ben ”
Her love was more pure than anything ,
Proved the heart which she sent ,
As it was still pumping.


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