Faith In Fate


Like every other night
It was dark but had a pinch of white .
There sat a person
who had tears in his eyes .

He looked at the women he loved
and wished her a happy birthday .
with smile on his face and tears on its way
He passed on the card he made .

It was filled with old memories ,
their pictures ,a number of pages of different diaries ,
every little thing she once said ,
also a cute picture with her cheeks red.

The card was made of love
But the girl’s reply was rough .
she didn’t say anything
But it didn’t make the guy feel bad .
He choose to be happy rather than sad .

It was time for dinner
He got the candles and light them all over .
It was a beautiful sight
But the girl was still quiet

There were people around
who made the laughing sound.
everything was smooth
But something weird they all found.

The guy ignored them too
He fixed his heart with a glue
and managed to smile again
He hid his pain
and was back again .

He danced with her till twelve
The girl didn’t say a word till then .
The guy made a cross in the calendar with a pen .
He fell down on his knees after that .
and cried .

He didn’t cry because the girl was quite .
because he knew at this point he can’t expect light from any side .
He knew the girl won’t speak at all .
after all He spent the whole night with her picture
imaging it was her , talking about future .

And when the night got over .
bursted the lover .
“I did it ”
he shouted .

“I kept the promise ,which I made to you ”
He was happy and sad at the same time .
and with mixed emotions he rhymed –

” I did It
I didn’t cry for a day
I didn’t think that you left me alone in the way
I did my best to be happy
I did my best to keep my promise for a day .
I tried to be fine even when a word you didn’t say .

I hope I made your birthday special.
though I wish instead of this picture in my hand
I could have had your hand .

So what you’re away
I hope you’re smiling looking at my efforts today .
I hope you’re feeling proud of me today.

But it was hard for me to do this .
It was really hard to grant your last wish
which was to be happy without you .
which was to smile without you .

But I somehow did it .
I so wanted to see you at this moment .
But its okay
the thought of you feeling good because of me
is enough for me to feel the sun rays .

I’ll try doing it again to make you smile
even if people laugh on me every time
Even if you stay quiet.
Even if it is hard
Even if it pains my heart .
As I can do anything for you.
My love for you is  true .”

After saying this he stood up again .
wiped all his pain
Kissed the picture .
And with tears in his eyes he began to smile all over again.


102 thoughts on “Faith In Fate”

  1. So wonderfully written,awesome I can feel thisπŸ‘ŒπŸ’• and I am thankful to you for stopping by my page that lands me here to wonderful page of yours😊

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  2. I know this what women want: Love. But I wonder if there is a man who knows love. Men think Love is Sex. No Sex Means No Love. But a day will come when men will know love. Till then, I’ll assume she was his mom.

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      1. “He fell down on his knees after that and cried.”

        It seems you don’t know that men harden their hearts and “grow up” since their early teens?

        MEN DO NOT CRY.

        Maybe you know that but you wish they did. But they don’t.

        “Hearts of men are evil and their minds are deceptive”, quoting from Bible.

        But if she were his mom, then he’ll cry and also know love. Do you know why? Because all boys are good in the sight of God, Most High till age 12. That’s why.

        But women are not made from dirty dust. They’re made from their soul mate’s rib so they’re clean and never harden their hearts and cry like babies and know love (God) and seek love.

        Only your soul mate will love you and he’ll love you for eternity and you’ll take out all evil from his heart as my Monia did to me.

        So keep all strange men away. Use a duster! Don’t wear make up nor seek strange flesh and wait for your soul mate who’ll come knocking on your door.

        If you’re wearing make up, he’ll get confused because the picture in his heart is without make up. Good luck.


      1. Same feelings here too ☺ …Yet to read and express my views on all of your posts …So overwhelmed by your beautiful response I have taken a break from dinner to are definately an amazing person. God bless you.

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      2. I know I am disturbing you . But I don’t know why I find leaving food to reply me is something really sweet .
        Thanks .πŸ˜ƒ
        I am sure you are a wonderful person as well .
        Glad to have a blogger friend like you .
        Hugs .

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      3. Same feelings here too …yes in fact I loved this poem very much you can see my comment on this post on 31st july …i tried to follow you that day ..but bieng a newbie ..i couldnt…but its my goodluck that you followed me …glad and overwhemed here too …sending a lot of postive vibes and hugs and lots of ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I am happy we found eachother .
        I really like the way you write things .
        It’s really soothing.
        Thanks for each and every comment you wrote today .
        When I meet people like you I feel really good.
        Keep in touch.
        Lots of love ❀

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